Peace Industry Music Group is headed by John Boyd, accomplished singer, composer, and music director. John and his family are originally from Detroit, Michigan, where John directed several highly successful and widely-traveled choirs - the Boys and Girls Choirs of Detroit (replications of the Boys Choir of Harlem), The Perfect Blend Group, and The Michigan Fine Arts Youth Choir.

John Boyd moved his family to New Jersey six years ago.  Dubbed a "modern von Trapp family" by their fans, John and his nine children have been singing and warming the hearts of NY residents and tourists in Central Park since 2007.  Over the years, the group has expanded to include several classical musicians and additional singers. Once known to Central Park visitors as The Boyd’s for Praise or The Boyd Family, Peace Industry Music Group was recently established by John Boyd to reflect the growing nature and scope of the ensemble. Peace Industry Music Group is a unique ensemble of singers and musicians from different nationalities, all promoting the idea of peace through Christ, uplifting music and tranquil sound.

The music performed by Peace Industry Music Group is a diverse blend of Gospel, classical, opera, standards, jazz, spirituals and pop. The ensemble performs mainly in the Minton Tile Arcade, next to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. When they perform, the typical trickle of park visitors quickly evolves into a full-blown crowd, who stop dead in their tracks, stunned by what they hear and see. People take photos, record them on smartphones, upload to YouTube, give tips, request CDs, blog, and describe seeing them as the highlight of their day.