The Boyd Family are finalist on the Today Show's Sound of Music Family contest. December 2, 2013


The Peace Industry Music Group, then known as Boyd’s for Praise, was featured in a scene in the documentary, Walk Away Renée, by French filmmaker Jonathan Caouette, the film made its North American premier at the BAM Cinema Fest in June 2012. 


The richness and beauty of their sound stopped me in my tracks. I’m not especially fond of street musicians...but this is how good Mr. Boyd and his group were when I returned to listen to them last week: I frankly don’t love “Amazing Grace,” considering it a bit plodding and overemployed, but it never soared as beautifully as when they sang it, floating out across the fountain terrace where tourists lingered in the late autumn sun and brides posed for wedding portraits.
— Ralph Gardner, Jr., Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2011
It was over a stroll on a Sunday lazy morning in the Central Park that I was blessed with the opportunity to watch the gospel choir, The Boyd Family performing right at the Bethesda Terrace. It was impossible not to be draw by their melodious and harmonious voices. Without thinking I just pulled out my camera, prepared the tripod and started shooting.
— Thaigo Barrozo, The Apple Beat Blog, March 14, 2011
I was also lucky enough to be there when The Boyds & Praise Company was preforming. Their voices are phenomenal, and the tone that resonates in the lower Terrace makes them sound like angels.
— SAllen, SAllan's Corner Blog